Welcome to Blossom Play Therapy, a therapeutic service which supports emotional well-being and mental health through Play and Creative Arts Therapy. I am an independent freelance therapist and I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the North-West region. I also operate within the North-West.

When an adult has a worry or difficulty, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the way we are feeling. However, adults have the capability to talk about their feelings and emotions verbally.

However, what if it is a child or young person? We know that children and adolescent’s often find it difficult to talk about something that is worrying them or upsetting them. As a result, this is shown in their presenting behaviour. They do not necessarily have the understanding, vocabulary or cognitive ability to convey how they are feeling. Therefore, verbal therapy may not be the best option for a young person, so this is where Play and Creative Arts Therapy comes in. You may wonder why Play and Creative Arts Therapy? It is because play is a child’s natural language, and what better way to express themselves than the language of play.