Yasmin is a wonderful Play Therapist. She is reliable, honest and very professional. She has the best interest of the children at heart at all times. Yasmin truly believes in the power of Play Therapy and works very hard to ensure the children receive quality therapy sessions. I would recommend Yasmin as a Play Therapist wholeheartedly.

Shahana Knight, TPC-Therapy Ltd.

Play and Creative Arts therapy is a valuable therapeutic medium which has helped children to overcome various issues and difficulties. To name a few of these are bereavement, trauma, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Many of these issues affected the children in terms of their learning, behaviour and their home life. Yasmin is a dedicated Play Therapist, whom with her calm and logical methods has made a significant difference to the children. She is confident and very approachable, especially when liaising with parents. I have no hesitation in recommending Blossom Play Therapy.

Mrs Khan, St Oswalds Primary School in Knuzden, Blackburn, Lancashire.

Following the loss of his Granddad, my son J (who is on the Autistic Spectrum), really struggled to cope. He was lagging behind in his school work, a little bit bad tempered at home and was often woken up at night by terrible and frightening dreams, he was also suffering socially as his behaviour exacerbated difficulties already present in many ASD children. J’s school suggested that he attend play therapy sessions to help manage his grief. I was incredibly grateful for the help, although I didn’t really know just how much play therapy would be able to do for him at that time. After a few weeks, it was clear that he was working through his emotions and undergoing the therapeutic process. Sadly, the school decided to cut funding for the therapy halfway through, but I’d seen such an improvement in the well being of my son that I spoke to Yasmin and arranged private sessions so that he was able to continue his therapy to the end. Yasmin is friendly and professional and my son really responded to her warmth and knowledge, she has helped him to manage his anger and his grief in a very kind and beautiful way that has established a strong and healthy foundation that I am certain will benefit J for the rest of his life. Thanks to Yasmin, the process of developing better mental health and social behaviour through play has been very gentle and organic for J. He has become more confident and insightful and he rarely has terrible dreams now, but when he does he is able to become calm and reassured again very quickly. Yasmin also helped me to show J how to embrace more constructive ways of thinking through activities. This, her wonderful sessions (and a heart-warming book she shared), have been a defining element in not only the development of my son’s ability to process grief and improve his relationships with friends, but it has also enriched understanding between myself and my son, and I really can’t be more grateful for that and I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly. If you are looking for a way to help your child negotiate through difficult emotions or any tough experiences, I highly recommend play therapy and also (if not most particularly!) Yasmin herself. Her lovely nature and expertise will really help your child come to terms with any problems and help build those all important foundations required for a happy, healthy life.

Parent - F.B., Penwortham

Play Therapy has helped my daughter O to overcome obstacles. She knows who she is now and is more confident than she was before. She now tries different challenges. Addressing problems earlier is better than addressing them when they get older. Play Therapy will help the child in the long term.

Parent - J.M, Blackburn

I feel Play Therapy has been helpful for my son. Before he was depressed but now he is happy, he is happier in himself.

I would recommend this therapy to others. It can bring a lot of confidence in the child. I feel what we wanted has been achieved from the therapy.

Mrs S, Blackburn

Play Therapy has been beneficial especially for my grandson, especially when the child has been through an ordeal. It has definitely helped him to feel better. Play Therapy helps to see what happens in a child's mind as children do not always speak about it.

Mr H, Blackburn

I would recommend Play Therapy to other parents. I feel A’s behaviour has changed in a better way, especially his reaction to different situations.

Mr. H, Manchester