Blossom from Within….

Blossom from Within’ is a three-part series focusing on key topics that are prevalent, especially concerning children and adolescent’s mental health. With the rise of social media and the concerns being raised about the impact it has on their emotional well-being and psychological health, if children have an awareness of their self/wellness earlier on in life, then this can only be positive. This will benefit them as they get older and move through various stages in life. In turn, they will develop a healthier self, self-awareness, confidence, social skills and the ability to think clearly and make informed decisions.

The three-part series consists of the following:

  1. Looking after ourselves (Emotional wellness/mental health).
  2. Self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Being me (Body image/self-image.

Or the sessions can be tailored to your choice (example: you may prefer one or two topics out of the three).

The objectives of the workshops will:

  • *2 hours – Combine theoretical work and creative work
  • Provide informative and positive discussions around the topics
  • Examine the impact this has on ourselves
  • Examine how outward influences such as media shape how children and adolescent’s see themselves
  • Inclusion of tasks which encourage a healthy and positive sense of self

*Subject to change




What People Say About Us

Play and Creative Arts therapy is a valuable therapeutic medium which has helped children to overcome various issues and difficulties.
To name a few of these are bereavement, trauma, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Many of these issues affected the children in terms of their learning, behaviour and their home life. Yasmin is a dedicated Play Therapy

Mrs Khan, St Oswalds Primary School in Knuzden, Blackburn, Lancashire.

I feel Play Therapy has been helpful for my son. Before he was depressed but now he is happy, he is happier in himself.
I would recommend this therapy to others. It can bring a lot of confidence in the child. I feel what we wanted has been achieved from the therapy.

Parent - Mrs, Blackburn

Play Therapy has been beneficial especially for my grandson, especially when the child has been through an ordeal. It has definitely helped him to feel better. Play Therapy helps to see what happens in a child's mind as children do not always speak about it.

Grandparent - Mr H, Blackburn

I would recommend Play Therapy to other parents. I feel A’s behaviour has changed in a better way, especially his reaction to different situations.

Parent - Mr. H, Manchester

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