Welcome to Blossom Play Therapy, a therapeutic service which supports emotional wellbeing and mental health through Play and Creative Art Therapy. I am an independent freelance therapist and I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the North-West region. I also operate within the North-West.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand the way we are feeling or the emotions we are experiencing, especially if we are going through a form of difficulty or if there is something worrying us. However, adults have the capability to talk about their feelings and emotions verbally.

However, what if it is a child or young person? We know that children and adolescent’s often find it difficult to talk about something that is worrying them or upsetting them. As a result, this is shown in their presenting behaviour. They do not necessarily have the understanding, vocabulary or cognitive ability to convey how they are feeling. Therefore, verbal therapy may not be the best option for a young person, so this is where play and creative arts therapy comes in. You may wonder why play and creative arts? It is because play is a child’s natural language, and what better way to express themselves than the language of play.


What People Say About Us

Play and Creative Arts therapy is a valuable therapeutic medium which has helped children to overcome various issues and difficulties.
To name a few of these are bereavement, trauma, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Many of these issues affected the children in terms of their learning, behaviour and their home life. Yasmin is a dedicated Play Therapy

Mrs Khan, St Oswalds Primary School in Knuzden, Blackburn, Lancashire.

I feel Play Therapy has been helpful for my son. Before he was depressed but now he is happy, he is happier in himself.
I would recommend this therapy to others. It can bring a lot of confidence in the child. I feel what we wanted has been achieved from the therapy.

Parent - Mrs, Blackburn

Play Therapy has been beneficial especially for my grandson, especially when the child has been through an ordeal. It has definitely helped him to feel better. Play Therapy helps to see what happens in a child's mind as children do not always speak about it.

Grandparent - Mr H, Blackburn

I would recommend Play Therapy to other parents. I feel A’s behaviour has changed in a better way, especially his reaction to different situations.

Parent - Mr. H, Manchester

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